Produce & consume sustainably

Our planet is not infinitely resilient and many resources are limited. That is why we need to produce and consume more sustainably and become part of the circular economy.

Olaf Benz leads by example. Only high-quality and certified fabrics from well-known, pre-certified suppliers from Europe are used for the collections. Careful care is taken to keep transport routes and supply chains as low as possible. Accessories such as zippers, buttons or yarns are even sourced regionally.

An excellent, sustainable raw material is Supreme Green Cotton®, which has been used in the fabric of Feinjersey Fabrics, for the RED2003 underwear series.


Supreme Green Cotton® is a sustainably produced non GMO (non genetically modified organisms) cotton grown on family-run farms in Greece. In plant breeding and processing, great importance is attached to an ecological and energy-saving way of working.

This saves 40% water compared to growing conventional cotton. 20% of the energy used comes from renewable sources. In addition, 3600 t of CO2 and 2040 MWh (megawatt hour) of energy are saved annually. This corresponds to an annual emission saving of 520 European citizens and an energy saving of 31,000 lamps per year. Due to the cultivation in Europe, the transport routes are very short.

Supreme Green Cotton's processing and production path is 100% transparent. A QR code on the hang tag allows an accurate tracking of the cotton from the cultivation field to the clothing manufacturer and provides a wide range of facts and savings.

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