Underwear in the colors of the Ukraine

Premium Bodywear AG supports the Ukrainian aid project from the regional association SDB e.V.

Since the beginning of the war in the Ukraine (24th February 2022) millions of people are on the run. According to the German Federal Ministry of the Interior, 310.000 people have been able to flee to Germany until 6th April 2022. The solidarity and helpfulness of private individuals, associations and organizations are huge.

An association, who stands up for Ukrainian refugees in the Chemnitz area, carries the name SDB e.V. Solidarity, democracy and education are the three cornerstones of this association, founded in 2013. It supports and advises all people of Chemnitz in order to implement projects. This is also the case with the Ukraine project which started as a little aid convoy and became an extensive relief action. A private contact simply wanted to pick up two Ukrainian refugees from the Polish border with a little pickup. Due to the mind-blowing helpfulness and support on this mission, this little pickup has been replaced by a big tour bus which had delivered relief goods to the Polish-Ukrainian border on 4th March 2022 and picked up about 40 people out of the war zone to Chemnitz.

The association SDB e.V. has organized and financed this mission and arranged the accommodation, supply and integration of the refugees in Chemnitz. Some of the people, mostly women and children, have been accommodated in the youth hostel Chemnitz-Adelsberg and the others moved into a guest house, which has been provided by the Chemnitzer Athletenclub e.V. The Ukrainian project ofthe SDB e.V. is financed exclusively by donations and relies on support and help from the outside.

With the private label Olaf Benz and Manstore Premium Bodywear AG is operating globally in the domain of high-end underwear since 20 years. The company is one of a few German underwear factories with an own domestic production. With its brand Olaf Benz the company shows solidarity with the Ukraine and designed, therefore, an underwear in the national colors of the Ukraine in shortest time. With the proceed from the sales of this limited edition, which does not presuppose a profit-making intention, Premium Bodywear AG supports the Ukrainianproject from the association SDB e.V. in Chemnitz.

Employees of Premium Bodywear AG are also privately active and help with donations in kind and accommodations of refugees.


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