Olaf Benz RED2106

Autumn/Winter Collection 2021

The new autumn/winter collection from Olaf Benz starts in a luxurious and colorful way. Italian flair and a warm shade of yellow introduce the new collection, in keeping with the first days of summer. 14 brand new underwear series and 3 new editions in new colors will bring a breath of fresh air into your wardrobe.

As usual, all underwear series impress with their excellent quality and perfect wearing comfort. Especially men who value natural or nature-like fibers get their money's worth in this collection. You can expect four lingerie series made of high-quality cotton using SZ knitting technology (RED1601, RED2114, RED2111, RED2108).  

Another specialty of these materials is their production in Germany, more precisely in the Swabian Alb. Maute + Renz Textil GmbH has been a supplier to Premium Bodywear AG for high-quality fabrics for many years, produces in Germany and was therefore our first address after the increasing demand for natural fabrics.

We also had two of these series finished with an all-over print by InnoTex Merkel & Rau GmbH. This textile printing shop is only a 25-minute drive from our production site in Chemnitz and allows us minimal transport routes.

Mixtures of cotton and fine modal fibers are available in the RED2103, RED2104 and PEARL2100 series. Due to its special properties, modal is perfectly suitable as an underwear fabric which is why we have included it again in this collection.

Do you know Lyocell fiber? This is also a natural fiber that is obtained from eucalyptus wood. You will find this particularly fine fiber in the PEARL2101 lingerie series.

The RED2106 lingerie series is sporty. The used modal-carbon fiber mixture is particularly breathable. Due to the high conductivity of the material, moisture is better distributed and sweat evaporation is favored. This means that less moisture gets on the skin for an improved wearing comfort.

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