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Sping/Summer Collection 2024

Welcome to the world of Olaf Benz, where the perpetual quest for the most innovative jersey and yarn developments in the European market drives our passion. Based in Chemnitz, Germany, our dedicated development work ensures a strong position in the premium segment of men's bodywear and beachwear.

Our collection, characterized by a clear design language and relevant trend themes, stands out with personally curated premium materials from Europe and a highly professional local production. This is our DNA, setting us apart significantly from our competitors.

The Olaf Benz Spring/Summer 2024 Collection reflects current trend themes, presenting coordinated capsules with a clear message at the point of sale.

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Olaf Benz RED2365

Our first color theme, "Radiant Spot Red," combines a modern neutral base in black/gray/white with bold colors like Radiant Red and Rosé on ultra-fine jerseys, flowing modal qualities, and classic tie stripes. A modified zebra print adds unique highlights.

In the second color theme, "Radiant Spot Blue," the modern neutral base shifts to intense cobalt blue and azure, paired with navy and stone gray. Classic stripes and a digitally altered floral print in exceptionally intense blue shades create a fresh look.

The third color theme, "Soak the Sun," draws its inspiration from the sun's radiance. Evening sunlight intensifies hues like sun yellow, strong olive/green, and earthy brick red. Finest jerseys are the standard for our bodywear and beachwear, enhancing the vibrancy of colors. The interplay of colors is further intensified with neutral white or light gray as a contrast. Tropical prints play with these strong, contrasting colors, awakening our wanderlust.

Experience summer in its full glory with Olaf Benz, where innovation and passion converge.

Poolbar & Beach 2024

Enjoy the summer of 2024 in our new Beachwear – for unforgettable moments by the beach!

The color theme "Soak the Sun" makes the sun shine in vibrant sun yellow, olive/khaki, radiant silver, and earthy brick red. Shiny materials add a luxurious touch, while digital alterations transform classic structural patterns into fresh, innovative Swim-Styles.

With innovative materials and vibrant colors, we present a compelling Beachwear collection. Explore the intense orange and blue hues of BLU1200, in addition to our basic colors. The Poolbar & Beach collection is complemented by cool Beachstyles in masculine tones and eye-catching lacing.

Our Beach Shorts offer a cool selection: classic shapes in intense solid colors, masculine minimal structures, and two tropically inspired prints that awaken your wanderlust.

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Olaf Benz BLU1200
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