Frühjahr/Sommer Kollektion 2022

This year, many new underwear and beachwear series – designed by our new Designer Guido Johnen - are again waiting for you. Mr. Johnen has replaced Mr. Kreuzer in the position of the Art Director since the beginning of 2021.

The new collection has been finely adjusted regarding the conceptual and technical appearance. The general positioning of Boxerpants in all series will be continued, just like the already for decades successful positioning of the Minipants. The Boxerpants differs considerably from leg length and waistband with a branded elastic band.

The dominating colors of the new collection ranges from different green and blue tones to the classic colors black and white. Furthermore, some meaty prints are part of the new collection which are not just used for our classic microfiber fabrics, but also for the cotton jersey. In addition to microfiber and cotton fabrics, exclusive natural materials like modal and viscose have been used for the comprehensive underwear range.

All fabrics of Olaf Benz are exclusively obtained from Germany and Europe. Hence, we keep the delivery chain as short as possible. That means, we buy additional necessaries for our production regionally. For examples, the used threads are made by Aterfil, a company situated in Oederan which is about 20 km away from our production site in Chemnitz. Our cotton series are made by S/Z knitted and twist free single jersey – a high elastic lightweight made of fine cotton with optimal elastane contents. Further, the series are knitted and refined in the Swabian Alps, printed and assembled at the foot of the Erzgebirge. Everything is “Made in Germany”.


T-shirts and Tank tops are still available in plain colors, mostly only in black and white. But Pants and Briefs have - apart from single-color types - also stylish masculine prints that you can combine in tonal color groups with the plain colored tops.
The spring / summer collection 2022 is divided into 15 underwear series, from which 3 basic series have been reissued regarding the color (RED0965, RED1201, RED1601), and 8 beach series. The new Olaf Benz beachwear seems classic, innovative and color intensive. Confidence meets strong colors, or you could even say, the collection varies between Slow Wear, sensual minimalism, tropic nature and sporty-optimistic disco-flair. She is orientated in themes like retro. Striped pattern, zigzag and great palm prints are dominating.

The delivery of the series has already started and will be extended weekly. So take a look at our Shop. Your Olaf Benz team

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