Autumn/Winter Collection 2020

Today, Olaf Benz is starting off with a new collection into the second half of the year 2020. The last couple of months were also not easy for our brand, but now we are energetically looking ahead!

We are proudly presenting our vigorous autumn/winter collection 2020, which has plenty to offer! You can look forward to 12 brand-new underwear series!

Additionally, the series RED0965 Phantom and RED1904 will be released in new trendy autumnal colors and are going to be available on olafbenz.com in early September.

Olaf Benz is well-known for premium-quality fabrics and materials. Within the autumn/spring 2020/2021 collection, we are presenting three special highlights:

The underwear series RED2004 can pack a punch! The reason for that are not only the three intense colors, or the soft haptic, but first and foremost the substance composition of the used material.

Olaf Benz deliberately decided on a series made out of regenerated nylon thread, since ECONYL® means innovation and sustainability for what's underneath.  Just like traditional polyamide, ECONYL® fibers stand out due to their premium-quality and resilience. At the same time, they are eco-friendly, because the material is based on recycled nylon waist like fishing nets, which are retrieved from the sea.

Supreme Green Cotton® is the main component of the underwear series RED2003 and is therefore the second highlight material of the new Olaf Benz collection. It is a genetically unmodified and organically grown cotton from Greece.

The cotton is cultivated and produced to 100% within Europe, and the transport routes are therefore very short in distance. The whole manufacturing process is sustainable, transparent and trackable. It is not for nothing that this material was certified MADE IN GREEN by OEKO-TEX® and STeP by OEKO-TEX®.

Especially delicate premium and luxury fabrics are used for the PEARL series of Olaf Benz. Modal fiber was chosen for the underwear series PEARL2001. This modern fiber is 100% obtained from cellulose, but is classified as synthetic fiber due to its manufacturing process. Modal is a very resilient fabric, which is elastic and shape-retaining. Even very frequent laundry won't damage the clothing. The fibres are absorbent, breathable, soft, and smooth – hence, modal is the ideal fabric for underwear.

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