Olaf Benz - premium status since 30 years

The Olaf Benz mission statement is characterized by the aim to manufacture a precious masterpiece of clothing. Therefore skilled craftsmanship, latest textile and clothing techniques and attention to detail are combined in order to compare comfort and aesthetics to a maximum.

Each and every product of Olaf Benz underwear underlines the masculinity of men. Olaf Benz shows clear shapes, designs without frills and focus to the essentials. Only fabrics of outstanding quality and highest level of comfort are qualified to become a wonderful premium product for a sophisticated audience. The highest level of customer satisfaction is our motor while R&D and utmost dedication build the cornerstones of our products. Shapes, cuts, sewing engineering, threads and fabrics are continuously advanced – always to follow the aim of perfecting wearing comfort and aesthetics.

Olaf Benz – masculine, pure, precious, progressive.

Every piece of Olaf Benz underwear is carefully crafted by hand. All production steps – starting at draft and cut development going to cutting and sewing until quality check and packaging for distribution – are done by our highly experienced team who practice their profession with utmost care and dedication. Each piece is scrutinized by expert eyes before it is released for distribution.

Creativity, latest production processes and total concentration on the essentials make Olaf Benz the underwear trendsetter. Olaf Benz’s R&D budget is far beyond average and is understood as the bench mark in the entire industry.
The feel of Olaf Benz products is unique. All components are chosen very carefully – only materials with the “special something” are manufactured to Olaf Benz underwear. Correspondent to the specifications of the particular fabric our basic cuts are steadily advanced to ensure perfect fits. This is a very complex and intricate mission but worth doing it and it keeps us going the extra mile every day.

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